Living, Loving, & Praying

This section is about our little lives, loving our family and making the best of our lives we are given. Most of all praying our way through it so God brings us on his path in life for us.

Father's Day Hop and Best Father's Day ever when:

My Anxiety and Praying through it!

Praying photo: praying praying.gif

Liebster Award-- love the fun in getting nominated

So We're In Final Count Down:

Oh my goodness Finally!--- Finally getting somewhere!

Great News and a New Look For You!

Lil Fun Easter Hop (Mad) Lib on my blog!

Happy Birthday to my 10 Year Old!

Family Traditions in keeping Jesus in Easter!

Loving Life When I won this Red Heart Gift Prize Pack " Read All About It"

A Little More About Me! & Why Life Can Sometimes Get In My Way

Cute Teddy Bear Hat I Entered in to WIN that Wonderful Prize Pack

Loving Weekends .. and this was a good one with Family!    

Good Morning to Nicer Weather- Living in the Desert will kill You with Heat!

This Cutie-Pie is Loving my Little Beanie I made for her: Crocheted Baby Beanie Adorned with Matching Flower:

Lazy Saturdays Always Include a Little Bit of Crocheting:

A Whirlwind but Always Fun Creating to Help Others:

This is My Story (Anniversary) But We HAD a Connection:

So many ask us how it happened? or HOW long have you been together? or HOW LONG have you two known each other.. well here it is and I hope you love it!