Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Morning Nicer Weather!

Loving It!
   Good Morning to you... what is keeping me from doing my household duties this morning you ask or working on my crocheting? Its the great weather were having in Arizona...  in the 80's at 8:30am... the Park was calling our name. Finally we can go without blistering sun beating down on us. I know for most you may be feeling a nip in the air of winter coming towards you and I'm totally wishing I had that too. I miss seasons living here in Arizona. We have tolerable heat, liveable heat, and don't go outside between 9a-7pm its not worth the exhaustion! Were are finally seeing the liveable heat and to that I say Amen! As you can see my son is loving it! (had to share these photos with you)

That grinning smile says it all

We can not get enough of it. I think were going  to make it to the park 2 to 3 times per week
now that the weather is more tolerable . We had fun just playing around, swinging, meeting a new little friend to play catch with and throwing the Frisbee around. Funny how the simple things can just be so fun and pleasing to the kiddos. When I got home (we had a quick grocery shop afterwards) and I was done unpacking. He ran up to me to give me hugs and thanking me for just stopping at the park. And also saying can we do again soon. Yes, Yes we will.

We were playing frisbee & enjoying the cool breeze

As to what I want to get going is a few projects. A blanket for the house and a blanket for a friend. Still working on my cute hat for a friend and side projects like crocheted wash clothes. Has anyone ever used them before? There something from the past almost! I have been making some for myself and I find myself tending to grab those from the stash of washcloths for the kitchen dishes vs. the regular cloths. I might just omit the other kind all together?

Here's to a good day of yarn in supply, some quality time with my needle and what will hopefully be a great day!(Has started that way so far) Excuse the Lego's in background, I have them on the floor at all times in this house.  It would be sad day in this house if I didn't get a aching foot by stepping on one. I'm sure there are mom's out there who can relate! But then again.. I wouldn't have any other way! Till next time have a Blessed Day!