Monday, April 29, 2013

My Go To Breakfast

So What's For Breakfast????

I ask myself this question around 9am every morning! Anyone else have this problem?

I know bad.. should of eaten by now. I can truly say since I was a pre-teen probably younger if you ask my Mother, I'm not a breakfast person. Don't take my coffee away from me or be aware of the monster that lies within me! But Breakfast..eehh no biggie. 

I can hear the echoing in my ears now of every healthy person out there screaming NOOOO! or is that what I've heard every nutritionist say. DON'T skip breakfast its the most important meal of the day. This all may be true, but my stomach can't handle anything too early in the morning, hence many mornings of not eating before school. I thought this would change as I got older... or so i thought. I still can't really eat breakfast before 8:30am. It proposed a problem at work, because I'd find myself starving at break time. Now that the past 4 yrs staying at home I have more leisure to when I eat, but I still have to force myself to eat it day after day. 

Anyone else have this problem? or is just me?

Since I know I have to be grown up about this, I have decided to make the best of what I can if I have to force my hand to eat my BREAKFAST. I try not to be good and do it by 10am. Not sure if that's too late, but I guess its better late then never. 

So here is my Go TO BREAKFAST!!

So here it is!

  • about a 1 cup of  Greek Yogurt
  • Fresh Fruit- today happen to be 5 sliced up organic strawberries(trying to switch to organic until I can grow my own back in Ohio rich soil!). I also have done blueberries well almost any berries. I have two mango's ripening in the fridge might cut one up tomorrow.
  • Granola- I go to my local farmer's market store and get what tickles my taste buds so many varieties I love it. Today its Vanilla Granola with sliced almonds in it.
I'm no dietician, but I think on scale of stopping by Mickey D's or This... I'm gonna have to thing this wins. As a Mom of 2 busy boys and my health issues, I think this is winning at breakfast!
What do you think? 
Do you have a favorite but simple Breakfast? (please leave me a comment below)
Okay Until Next Time~ Corey

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shh.. It's Sunday #2

Shhh.. it's Sunday #2

A Week in Photos:

Point of this is to put all my photos I take in a week (or most of them) here because often they just stay in my phone.  Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words! So with that you might say what are they doing in that pic? or what is that? or how did he or we do that? Or what happened... this is where this post doesn't become too silent, I want your comments or feedback! I love sharing with you and I would love to know what you think?

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The Seaman Mom
Till Next Week~ Corey

(as always these photos are mine and for my purpose, not to be used in any form or use for yourself or gain)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Anxiety and Praying through it!

 Who Knew This Move Was Going to Stress Me Out So Much!

Stressed out photo: stressed out stressed.jpg

Yep its crept back in on me... usually I am the most calm and cool head person you'll ever meet. I love to laugh and bring joy to others around me. I can't seem to keep it cool lately. Its This MOVE! I have moved many times in my life. As a child we easily had about 10 places I lived before I turned 18. I moved across the country at 19- with just what fit in our car at the time. Lived in 2 different places in Idaho. Then moved in my first trimester of my 1st born all the way down to San Diego. Lived there in California and lived in 4 places there. Living here in Arizona we have had 6 homes.

It is a big move, but this time its un-nerving me! I have made lists, I have started process of everything that needs to get done. But I think its more of a mind game with myself that's being played. I went in for my routine check with my doctor for my back and such, and for the first time she could see that my blood pressure that is normally way low (like I said even if I'm stressed before I still maintain low blood pressure and keep my cool), was elevated up more then she would like. She asked me what has me so rattled. So I gave her the list and she then saw tears well up in my eyes. Its very overwhelming this time. I know in my Christian walk that God gives us our needs and its not always on our time, but I really need some reinforcement at this point. I just need one thing to be checked off my list. Each time I try to do this - it fails. ( she gave me anxiety/panic attack pills but suggest to be-careful  taking them because they could make me sleepy- which can't really happen being I have 2 kids to take care of)

Simple things as getting boxes from my local grocer I have supported for at least 3 yrs now and when we lived by it a few years back another 2 before that.... can't handle saving boxes for me! I asked and did as they said, then arrived the next morning 8 am sharp to just have nothing. Asked if they could be saved again for me the next day, called this time and nothing. Spoke to a Manager who assured me there would be some the following day (3rd try) called again and nothing. WHY?? Such a simple task you'd think there would no problem.

Next I'm trying to find the best moving you know how difficult this is. I've never had to pack and have someone else move my stuff. We would always just rent a truck. I'm so overwhelmed with trying to find the right fit for our families needs and in budget!

Housing is another major thing. A family recommend agent was given to me to use, but he hasn't been able to get a home in our area. Plus the area were moving to has different school schedule then we do here. So we get out in May and they get out in June. Its just a month you say yes.. but ppl don't give up their rentals usually until school is out to move so finding a place for June is not happening so easily. Plus where we need to lived to be half way between the boys' school and our church, plus the area that would be a great place for us to be is a coveted area to live in. So pricing has gone up and little to no rentals available at this time. 

It doesn't help this time around I don't have my husband to help me make decisions, pack, make phone calls, or any of the other things on the list, because he's at our current designation already working. Which also makes it even harder being come this Friday it has been 5 months since myself and the boys have seen him. Which is truly a great test on our marriage and strain too for our family.

Do you see where my FRUSTRATION is coming from. I feel like I'm failing or if not that feeling its that I'm not being productive and moving forward. I like things to be organized not just flying by the seat of my pants on things like this. 

Now onto the hard part. Trying to regain myself in the Lord and Pray through this. I know he knows my needs and I know that he has let all come together before... but this is where I've been strong before by just relying on him. This time around I'm struggling. 
Praying photo: praying praying.gif

So I am taking deep breaths, praying, and hoping that the whole process of this move doesn't land my bottom in the ER with heart troubles.

Well here's to hoping something turns up right in the next few days, I've asked for new boxes at a different store and I'm gonna try to get my boy's school admission squared away, and possibly get my correct quote and move in the next few days. 

To my readers who believe and would pray for myself and my family. That would be such a blessing! 

Till Next Time ~ Corey

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Perfect Dessert for Mother's Day Brunch-Mother's Day Hop


Blueberry, Orange, and Plum Crumble

That in itself just tickles my taste-buds saying typing it. I wish I could say this is my recipe.. but its not, its a fav of mine that I found in a great cookbook called:!Cocina! by Leland Atkinson

I would dare say I don't think a Mother could resist this desert! Its so refreshing! 

For The Filling:

  • Ripe Plums, pitted and diced
  • 6 Tbsp of Sugar
  • 2 tsp of Cornstarch
  • 4 tsp of Ground Canela or 2 tsp of Ground Cinnamon
  • 4 Oranges, peeled and cut into sections (**Zest your oranges before peeling for Topping)
  • 2 Cups of Fresh Blueberries

For The Topping:

  • 1 Cup Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats
  • 1/2 Cup All-Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 Cup of packed Brown  Sugar
  • 1 Tbsp of Ground Canela or 1 &1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp Ground Nutmeg
  • 1/4 cup of Hazelnuts, toasted, skinned and chopped
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 6 Tbsp of Cold Butter
  • Minced zest of 1/2 Orange

For the filling, put the plums in a medium bow, add 3 tablespoons of the sugar and toss to coat the plums. Put the mixture in a sieve and drain for 30 mins to 1 hour. Stir the cornstarch and Canela(southwestern cuizine) or cinnamon into the remaining 5 tablespoons of sugar. and add it to the plums, oranges and blueberries and toss to coat it. Then pour the filling into a 12 inch backing dish. 


For the topping, put all dry ingredients except the orange zest into a large mixing bowl and stir well. Cut the chilled butter into 1-inch cubes  and toss into the dry ingredients along with the orange zest. using either a pastry cutter or your fingers, work the butter into the dry ingredients until peanut-sized pieces are formed. The mixture will be loose and fairly dry. The crumble topping may be made in advance, covered, and refrigerated up to 5 days.


To Bake, preheat oven to 375 degrees,/ Sprinkle crumble topping over the filling and bake the crumble for 30 to 40 minutes. or until the topping is brown and fruit bubbles. Let it cool slightly before serving.

A Suggestion, well really a Must:

Serve with Premium Vanilla Ice Cream (its heavenly) 


So Grab your Apron and give Mom a special treat this Mother's Day! Wouldn't be nice if you treated her to dessert -don't let her wear her apron on her One day of the year. 


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  Thanks again for stopping by & leave a comment(did I mention I love comments).  I think I can say this Is A Fool-Proof MOTHER STAMPED (by me) Approved Recipe.....

Till Next Time ~ Corey

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shhh.. its Sunday #1

A week in Photo's....


Point of this is to put all my photos I take in a week (or most of them) here because often they just stay in my phone.  Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words! So with that you might say what are they doing in that pic? or what is that? or how did he or we do that? Or what happened... this is where this post doesn't become too silent, I want your comments or feedback! I love sharing with you and I would love to know what you think?

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The Seaman Mom
Till Next Time ~ Corey (as always these photos are mine and for my purpose in any form or use)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Liebster Award

When I first got this I was like what?? COOL!!!

So Awesome to be nominated! How fun is this! It was such a honor to receive this from JustinaWho! So please check her out!


Liebsters are a way for blogs with less than 200 followers to connect with other bloggers, share a little more about yourself, and a way to help promote other small blogs. I love this concept because small blogs need a little lovin' too!

What's the rules, you ask?

So what are the rules you ask??

1) Post 11 Random Facts About Yourself

2)Answer 11 Questions From Your Nominator  

3)Nominate 11 Other Blogs With Under 200 Followers & Ask Them 11 Questions-No TAG BACKS!

4)Visit Their Blogs and Let Them Know They Won the Award  

So goes my 11 Random Facts:

1-I am going through the biggest test in my marriage right now, it will be a full 6 months before I see him again.
2-I love to share, even when I might not need to, or have it to spare... I still will give you all I have.
3-I sometimes wonder what if I did things different in life, even though I truly know I wouldn't change a thing I have now.
4-I am a work in progress and seem to be always in a state of under construction.
5-I'm a planner... I don't like to have things unstable.
6-I left home 12 years ago on a whim to travel the US and see where it would take me. So far I've seen 22 states & lived in 4.
7-I am a yarn & fabric hoarder. But I'm proud of it!
8-When I really get to laughing hard sometimes... I snort! :) 
9-I've had 3 back surgeries, several treatments of injections, & therapies, but still manage to get up every day and be a Mamma to my 2 wonderful boys.
10-I met my husband when I was only 15, dated for 9mos. Best friends for 4 yrs before we ran away together 12 yrs ago.
11-I stand strong in my beliefs, I rely on the Lord daily for my new mercies and grace.        

My Questions from Justina Who:

1. What is your go to beauty product that you use every day? 

Clarity from Melaleuca facial products

2. What is your dream job?

Was to be a pediatric nurse. Now to be the Mamma to my 2 boys and use the talents God has given me. 

3. Windows down or air conditioner in the car?

I would prefer them down. But living in AZ its nearly impossible to not have AC on.

4. Reality Tv or sitcoms?

Sitcoms all the way. Except maybe "The Voice" if you consider it reality tv.

5. Favorite band, group, or singer when you were a teenager?

oohh a hard one. I'd have to say pre-teen NKOTB but later I love the O.C. Supertones

6. What are your favorite blog posts to write about?

Right now Food and Life, I hope to have my for sale up soon.

7. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

This is so hard, I love to travel. Maybe Aruba, somewhere tropical at least.

8. Road trip or a quick flight?

Road trip all the way. I love adventures.. sometimes I feel like a nomad I've moved so many times. 

9. If you had to give up one, would you give up your cell phone or laptop?

Laptop.. I feel at a loss w/o my cell.

10. Where do you plan to vacation to this summer?

Back home, since in 12 weeks I'll be moving back there after 12 years away. Ohio bound we are. 

11. Favorite movie?

Notting Hill. Love it!

 Some Nifty Bloggers I Nominate Are:

1) Cathy @ 
11 Questions For You To Answer: 
 1- How long have you had your blog or website?
2- If you could choose anywhere to live besides where you reside, where and why?
3- What is your favorite way to pass time?
4- If you could star in a Movie or Musical what would it be?
5- What is your biggest pet-peeve?
6- Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive?
7- Where's your favorite place to vacation?
8- Who do you relate more to Marth Stewart or Rachael Ray?
9-What is your best joke you ever told or heard?
10- What do you wish you had more time for doing?
11- What is your cup full of: Tea, Coffee, or Soda?     

So there you have it ~ Glad to be a part of this and look forward to those I nominated coming back and linking their blogs up in my comments below.
 & to my followers go check out these blogs and follow them too.  
~Till Next Time~



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So We're In the Final Count Down!

Final Countdown for Our Lil Family!

We are moving across country in about 13 weeks. Let my insane rants begin.. okay maybe just some whining, but seriously this is going to be hard and an adventure too!

I need to come up with a plan?? My mind starts racing and thinking of all the things that I've got to do. For a few examples: where were going to live exactly that's convenient to town, but not too far from my kids new school (they will continue their education in a private school) and also not to far from my church home. Switching doctors, following up with what new insurance we need, downsizing what we need and don't need.. and this list seems to go on and on.

I know in the next day or so I need to make a list I think of what needs to be done. Possibly add a deadline or a time stamp of when this needs to be done.  Seriously when I left 12 years ago from hometown in Ohio I didn't move a whole lot of stuff. It was my necessary stuff of a 19 yr old- clothes, few personal items. What my now husband needed for clothes & guy stuff. Here's the most important things my Rottweiler and Iguana (who sadly didn't make it in Idaho-long story if interested I will tell, but its sad), in the back seat of the car we drove off in. We went to traveled West... and we have been on an adventure since. I loved the feeling of the open road and traveling, but it was so much easier back then. We would eventually end up in Idaho after stopping for a 2 week visit with DH -relatives in Wyoming. In Idaho we knew it was just a stopping spot to get up on our feet. DH- Father lived there, we stayed with him for a few weeks & got jobs. A year later we had become more serious about our relationship from friends again to a serious as it can get! (if you have not read how I met my DH - please read: ) We were pregnant with our first son and we had decided to move to San Diego (this was our goal all along) where we would be closer to his only sister and his Mom who lived a bit further north. So another road trip was involved. We went from the panhandle of Idaho to the South as you can get in San Diego, CA. We loved living there and our 1st son was born there. We just were struggling as a young couple and parents of lil rambunctious boy. His Mom had moved to Tucson just about a year after we had got there.. which kinda defeated the purpose of us being closer to family.  After a year and half of trying to make it in San Diego we knew it was becoming too hard. By 2yr mark we had a one year old son, new marriage, and now a new move ahead of us. Only with little more baggage.
Tucson bound we were and have been here now for 7 &1/2 yrs. I can't say its all been bad. I can't say I find great beauty in the desert, but I'm not sure that's what God had in mind when he sent us here. He brought me to a great church that has lifted me and my family up so many times when we were down and have become family to us. (check them out here: ) So here we are again... traveling nomads, BUT this time with even more baggage! lol We have 2 boys, a guinea pig and a life of ours scattered among our place. 

I wouldn't be having such a hard time with this if I didn't feel like I was doing this by myself. I am seriously in charge of doing it all. My DH is already at his new job and can not come back until the week we move. To help pack up the last things, celebrate his birthday with his sis and Mom here in Tucson and then were off to move across country. Yes we are driving! Another crazy thing on my mind. How to entertain a 10yr old and a so to be 5yr old in the car for 3 days.. am I out of my mind!

So please, I'm begging. ADVICE if you hath please giveth! Do you know of a blog article? Do you have some do's(man I wish I would of thought of that moments) or don't (don't even think that way)? Tips on knowing how to condense it all down. I mean this 12 years of our lives here. 

Please leave your comments below... please... pretty please with a cherry on top :)


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Great News and a New Look For You!


The TRUNK SHOW/SALE has been extended! So there is still time to shop! Shop now until the 20th of APRIL!

60% will go to my great friend and your new spring look will be yours in just the click of your mouse! (link at the bottom of the post- use it to directly link up and help)



This is my friend Vicky, I am doing a fundraiser to help her and her husband out after some traumatic events have happen to them over the past 6 months.

     So for months now I have seen my friend keep her chin-up through all of her recent trials in her life & husband's. I have known them for... gosh now 12 almost 13years now.. wow surprised myself, (laughing in my head). I truly say to you they are a great friends and always one to make me laugh! From where I sit here in Arizona it has been so hard to look at Facebook to a post one after another about the serious and dangerous things were going on in her life. From October when her foot began to swell up due to infection in it, then to being into November and she was admitted to the hospital for it for this simple infection. It was all bad news from there on out. So much was going on so fast. They didn't like the look of things, blood-work all came back with negative results and she was not fairing well with Doctor's opinions. Soon I heard she would have surgery; I really knew then this was serious. Gangrene had set in her foot and toes. She was shortly rushed into surgery and didn't come back with all she went in with. To hear this I was horrified for her. She had posted that they had taken all of her toes and a good portion of the the side of her foot. She related that it looked like she had been through a shark attack. I've seen some pictures and their pretty gruesome. I couldn't even fathom the pain and the mental anguish she was dealing with, even though she tried to keep smiling through it. After the surgery and recovery period she was placed in a facility for rehabilitation to the extent they could do. For many months she was wheelchair bound and suffering through serious antibiotic treatments and vacuum pump attached to the wound. I myself know how hard its to go from being yourself to a change person. I've had 3 back surgeries and have had deal with knowing I'll never be the same again.

   All with this going on, she was finally able to go home for day visits after learning how to maneuver herself with the chair and crutches. This was a great day for her because living in a nursing facility that wasn't really up to standards in regards to her needs because she was without insurance.
So going home Christmas day would of been great day for her finally to see family and be in her own home except, she came into the bedroom where her husband was laying down from not feeling well and took one look at him and knew he needed to go to the Emergency Room himself. He was admitted after they realized that he had a few silent heart attacks and was put into surgery a day later for a stent in his heart. He needs to have more done, but without insurance you know how that goes. He was told by his doctors that he couldn't return to work.
   So in the past 6 months both of them have been out of work and are recovering from major heath issues.... I was just feeling helpless in how to help them. Then my mind got to working. I saw and participated in another fundraiser for a friend. I was thinking what if I could do the same for them. With me I can only do so much from here in Arizona, but with many other hands makes light work! Then this is where you come in.....

I have set up a fundraiser going on for them through STELLA & DOT!  60% of the sales will go directly to my friends Vicky and Steve Newell. How great is that!

   The fundraiser is from now until the 30th of March.   EXTENDED UNTIL 20TH of APRIL!!

You can go stop in purchase gifts for loved ones, yourself or those lovely events coming up so fast. Examples might be Birthday, Anniversary, Bridal party, Wedding, Graduation, Mother's Day, Because I Love You- gifts. 

What better way to give in 2 ways to yourself or others a gift of beautiful spring flair and then give to those in need. Like I was say 60% of your sale goes back directly to them. I couldn't imagine how much this will have an impact them!.  Go to this link:  Then Click Shop Online! So simple and products you'll fall in love with!

Here's a few pic's of what they have for such stylish design!

Stella & Dot have been spotted on many celebrities and are featured in many fashion and style magazines!

 To your right: Demi Lovato wearing Stella & Dot!
Jennie Garth wearing Stella & Dot earrings!

So don't forget to go to this site directly to help out: 


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 photo button_zpsbf9be112.jpg

If you have any questions or you choose to help please comment below! ~ Corey