Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whew What A Whirlwind!

     Whew is right! Its been awhile since my last blog has been written, but I do apologize. I have been caught up in what I call  a whirlwind moment. Its where you were on Saturday and the days begin to blur together, then before you know its almost Friday! Gee-sh time is just flying through. To say the least this has been one busy week. When I last wrote I was sharing with you that it was my anniversary. I hope you enjoyed the post... I thought that day I wouldn't see my husband even though your supposed to - being its your special day. But I'm starting to become accustom to our new life style. He has taken a position as an Over The Road Truck Driver and is gone for weeks at a time now. So definitely didn't think I'd have that opportunity to see him. But I have to say God is Good with his timing. My husband, shortly after I wrote that previous post, called me and said his truck was broken down. (I'd normally be upset because this cost us a lot) He had said some great words... he was only an hour away from us. So I grabbed the kids and we took the Hour drive up there to see him and have dinner as a family at least. (we were ceasing the moment we might not seem him for another 4 weeks) Well then we got word that they wouldn't be getting his truck fixed until Monday so I got to bring him home Saturday evening till Monday morning. At least that was a blessing.
      So here goes Monday - Tuesday- Wednesday and now here's its Thursday. I've had my oldest son develop a sinus infection (dr appt insert here)on Monday, my Dr's appt on Tuesday (I suffer with Chronic Pain due to a pinched Sciatica Nerve and 3 back surgeries), Wed was a overwhelmed blur and Today is Thursday... which I have to take my oldest son back to the Dr's again because its getting worse even on antibiotics. Today though I feel like I will finally get to accomplish some on my to do list. Just Maybe!  Ugg..  But to get you to the picture above is something I want to share with you. Amongst all this roller-coaster I call my life, I was able to crochet these 4-8"squares with left over yarns I had. You may be asking why?
     I love that a group I belong to on Facebook had joined together as a great group and we make what we call Comfort-ghans. Details: When we find someone in need of comfort while they are going through something difficult we all bind (crochet or knit) together 8" Squares. They get sent off to one person in the group who is willing to put them all together as an Afghan. (or Comfort-ghan as we call it). It awesome to know my little contribution mailed off today will help give so much comfort to someone who is in need. This one will go to a very young girl who is just a teenager facing a very grown-up life changing cancer. So I pray that this will help her feel comfort and heal faster.

I wish you all well ~ Corey

P.S. as soon as I can get pictures taken and uploaded I will share what I have for sale.