Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So We're In the Final Count Down!

Final Countdown for Our Lil Family!

We are moving across country in about 13 weeks. Let my insane rants begin.. okay maybe just some whining, but seriously this is going to be hard and an adventure too!

I need to come up with a plan?? My mind starts racing and thinking of all the things that I've got to do. For a few examples: where were going to live exactly that's convenient to town, but not too far from my kids new school (they will continue their education in a private school) and also not to far from my church home. Switching doctors, following up with what new insurance we need, downsizing what we need and don't need.. and this list seems to go on and on.

I know in the next day or so I need to make a list I think of what needs to be done. Possibly add a deadline or a time stamp of when this needs to be done.  Seriously when I left 12 years ago from hometown in Ohio I didn't move a whole lot of stuff. It was my necessary stuff of a 19 yr old- clothes, few personal items. What my now husband needed for clothes & guy stuff. Here's the most important things my Rottweiler and Iguana (who sadly didn't make it in Idaho-long story if interested I will tell, but its sad), in the back seat of the car we drove off in. We went to traveled West... and we have been on an adventure since. I loved the feeling of the open road and traveling, but it was so much easier back then. We would eventually end up in Idaho after stopping for a 2 week visit with DH -relatives in Wyoming. In Idaho we knew it was just a stopping spot to get up on our feet. DH- Father lived there, we stayed with him for a few weeks & got jobs. A year later we had become more serious about our relationship from friends again to a serious as it can get! (if you have not read how I met my DH - please read: http://coreycreativecorner.blogspot.com/2012/09/we-had-connection.html ) We were pregnant with our first son and we had decided to move to San Diego (this was our goal all along) where we would be closer to his only sister and his Mom who lived a bit further north. So another road trip was involved. We went from the panhandle of Idaho to the South as you can get in San Diego, CA. We loved living there and our 1st son was born there. We just were struggling as a young couple and parents of lil rambunctious boy. His Mom had moved to Tucson just about a year after we had got there.. which kinda defeated the purpose of us being closer to family.  After a year and half of trying to make it in San Diego we knew it was becoming too hard. By 2yr mark we had a one year old son, new marriage, and now a new move ahead of us. Only with little more baggage.
Tucson bound we were and have been here now for 7 &1/2 yrs. I can't say its all been bad. I can't say I find great beauty in the desert, but I'm not sure that's what God had in mind when he sent us here. He brought me to a great church that has lifted me and my family up so many times when we were down and have become family to us. (check them out here:  http://faithtucson.org ) So here we are again... traveling nomads, BUT this time with even more baggage! lol We have 2 boys, a guinea pig and a life of ours scattered among our place. 

I wouldn't be having such a hard time with this if I didn't feel like I was doing this by myself. I am seriously in charge of doing it all. My DH is already at his new job and can not come back until the week we move. To help pack up the last things, celebrate his birthday with his sis and Mom here in Tucson and then were off to move across country. Yes we are driving! Another crazy thing on my mind. How to entertain a 10yr old and a so to be 5yr old in the car for 3 days.. am I out of my mind!

So please, I'm begging. ADVICE if you hath please giveth! Do you know of a blog article? Do you have some do's(man I wish I would of thought of that moments) or don't (don't even think that way)? Tips on knowing how to condense it all down. I mean this 12 years of our lives here. 

Please leave your comments below... please... pretty please with a cherry on top :)


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