Friday, March 29, 2013

Lil Fun Easter Hop (Mad) Lib on my blog!

Who doesn't love a game of Mad Lib's from our Childhood? Here's a fun one we are doing with the link up below. 

Here is mine just in time for you to get a good laugh!

HOP Libs Blog Hop Word Game Mad:)Take
Here comes John clothtail
telling down the lion trail
generously hoppin`,
Easter`s on its way

Bringin` every baby and man
fans full of Easter laughing
Things to make your Easter
smiling and sad

He`s got jelly bean for Joshua
Colored cake for sister Gabriella
There`s an tulip for your mommy
And an Easter jeans too

Oh! here comes John clothtail
singing down the lion trail
generously hoppity,
sorrowful Easter Day

Here comes John clothtail
embarking down the lion trail
generously hoppin`,
Easter`s on its way

Try to do the things you should
Maybe if you`re extra loudly
He`ll talks lots of Easter cheeseburger your way

You`ll wake up on Easter evening
And you`ll know that he was there
When you find those cherry panda bears
That he`s hiding everywhere

Oh! here comes John clothtail
Hoppin` down the lion trail
generously hoppity, happy Easter Day
generously hoppity, happy Easter Day 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to my 10 Year Old!



Pleased with how his cake came out this year, his name is spelled out in candles!
Oh where have the years gone! Its hard to believe that I (we -including the husband) have a 10 year old. When I was pregnant with him it was a bit stressful. I was 3000 miles or more away from my relatives, we were living in California, who knew this was how I would have my first son. Although looking back it has made all the difference on raising him. God has allowed things to come into our lives to train us up in raising a son who is for the most part very responsible, loves the Lord and is a blessing to us and others around him.
Family Tradition of Birthday Balloons and a Donut!

I often hear praise reports from others on how he conducts himself around others. As a Momma its the best feeling in the world when someone comes back and says your not going to believe this! You would expect to have fear and trembling over those words, but not with him-thankfully they are praise reports of his character, his great attitude, and mostly his giving heart! 

He came into this world a very active little guy. I could tell this from carrying him in womb he always was moving, so much I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the last trimester even though the doctor's tell you to do so. He was active at birth screaming and roaring ready to take on life. I knew my life would never be the same after that. He's been one to chase after what he wants, and know he's always up for something new and any adventure ahead of him! He takes life as it comes to him now much easier then when he was littler. He tells me his dreams of working with animals someday. Maybe a Marine Biologist in my near future that I see in him. He loves Sea Turtles and all things of the ocean. Maybe it was appropriate God had us planted by the ocean at the time when he was born. Smelling of the ocean was good for his soul at that time, you see he was born in San Diego!
 Himself as a Statue

Since he was 2 we have lived in the desert, not exactly how I thought life would be for our family. Although while I didn't think we would be living here in Arizona, God has blessed us tremendously with a great friends and Church family. We have been able to raise our boys and grow closer together as family, also my walk with God! This has enabled me to grow a strong young man who loves the Lord with all his heart. As I look back he has given me such joy, laughter and thankfulness to be called his Mom!

One way this boy makes me laugh- A note that he was here after he had Breakfast one morning- His name spelled out in Fruit Loops! Always finding a way to make me smile!

Silly photo with his cake & friends!
I'm so exhausted but thankful to give my young man that he is such a great Birthday! This is the last year he and our family will be here in Tucson, so we went out with Rocking Birthday! We did laser tag, pizza, video games, go-carts & great friends/memories! He said this was the best Birthday ever! As a Momma-best words you can ever here! Love him so much!  Here's a few photos!
Enjoying his new Diamondbacks hat that Momma got him!
Silly friends and 1st present from his younger brother! LEGOS!

Thanks for joining me in our little life and another milestone we met! Thankful and Blessed!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stella & Dot Fundraiser Treasure 4 Toes'

What was Given for Us - So I will Give Others Too

 Great fashions from Stella & Dot

                                                            At Great Prices and getting you ready for Spring! Below is a picture of my friend recovering from her surgery. Please read below and find out how you can help!

This is my friend Vicky, I am doing a fundraiser to help her and her husband out after some traumatic events have happen to them over the past 6 months.

     So for months now I have seen my friend keep her chin-up through all of her recent trials in her life & husband's. I have known them for... gosh now 12 almost 13years now.. wow surprised myself, (laughing in my head). I truly say to you they are a great friends and always one to make me laugh! From where I sit here in Arizona it has been so hard to look at Facebook to a post one after another about the serious and dangerous things were going on in her life. From October when her foot began to swell up due to infection in it, then to being into November and she was admitted to the hospital for it for this simple infection. It was all bad news from there on out. So much was going on so fast. They didn't like the look of things, blood-work all came back with negative results and she was not fairing well with Doctor's opinions. Soon I heard she would have surgery; I really knew then this was serious. Gangrene had set in her foot and toes. She was shortly rushed into surgery and didn't come back with all she went in with. To hear this I was horrified for her. She had posted that they had taken all of her toes and a good portion of the the side of her foot. She related that it looked like she had been through a shark attack. I've seen some pictures and their pretty gruesome. I couldn't even fathom the pain and the mental anguish she was dealing with, even though she tried to keep smiling through it. After the surgery and recovery period she was placed in a facility for rehabilitation to the extent they could do. For many months she was wheelchair bound and suffering through serious antibiotic treatments and vacuum pump attached to the wound. I myself know how hard its to go from being yourself to a change person. I've had 3 back surgeries and have had deal with knowing I'll never be the same again.

   All with this going on, she was finally able to go home for day visits after learning how to maneuver herself with the chair and crutches. This was a great day for her because living in a nursing facility that wasn't really up to standards in regards to her needs because she was without insurance.
So going home Christmas day would of been great day for her finally to see family and be in her own home except, she came into the bedroom where her husband was laying down from not feeling well and took one look at him and knew he needed to go to the Emergency Room himself. He was admitted after they realized that he had a few silent heart attacks and was put into surgery a day later for a stent in his heart. He needs to have more done, but without insurance you know how that goes. He was told by his doctors that he couldn't return to work.
   So in the past 6 months both of them have been out of work and are recovering from major heath issues.... I was just feeling helpless in how to help them. Then my mind got to working. I saw and participated in another fundraiser for a friend. I was thinking what if I could do the same for them. With me I can only do so much from here in Arizona, but with many other hands makes light work! Then this is where you come in.....

I have set up a fundraiser going on for them through STELLA & DOT!  60% of the sales will go directly to my friends Vicky and Steve Newell. How great is that!

   The fundraiser is from now until the 30th of March. You can go stop in purchase gifts for loved ones, yourself or those lovely events coming up so fast. Examples might be Birthday, Anniversary, Bridal party, Wedding, Graduation, Mother's Day, Because I Love You- gifts. 

What better way to give in 2 ways to yourself or others a gift of beautiful spring flair and then give to those in need. Like I was say 60% of your sale goes back directly to them. I couldn't imagine how much this will have an impact them!.  Go to this link:  Then Click Shop Online! So simple and products you'll fall in love with!

Here's a few pic's of what they have for such stylish design!

Stella & Dot have been spotted on many celebrities and are featured in many fashion and style magazines!

 To your right: Demi Lovato wearing Stella & Dot!
Jennie Garth wearing Stella & Dot earrings!

So don't forget to go to this site directly to help out: 

Thanks & until next time!

~ Corey

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Traditions in keeping Jesus in Easter!

 Our Family Tradition to Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter

We have many years done this tradition Easter morning with my boys to give the day a great start and to hold Christ at the center of our celebration. Although our family always makes sure we have a great meal planned and get to gather in the living room around Easter baskets and rush to Easter Sunday service at our church. It is a blessing to make this recipe and know that your putting a great start to your day.

So how we create an awesome way to remember the Resurrection of Christ on our Easter Morning we create Resurrection Rolls. Its is a great way to show kids (my boys) the story of the Lords Resurrection while using food to represent the each part of what was that Christ has done for us and awesome to show and testify to your children to give a teaching tool to them. 

Recipe: Resurrection Rolls
what you will need
2 Cans of Crescent Rolls (10oz each)- Pillsbury is the best
8 Large Marshmallows
1/4 Cup of Melted Butter
2 Tbsp of Cinnamon
2 Tbsp of Sugar

1ST: preheat oven to 375 degrees and lightly grease baking sheet or muffin tin (I have done them both ways- I prefer muffin tins)
2ND: separate out the Crescent rolls into each triangle for both cans.

Separating the Crescent dough out into triangles.
3RD: Take in a small bowl put the melted butter and stir in the sugar and cinnamon

4TH: Take 2 crescent rolls overlaying them in opposite directions of each other on a plate. Next roll the marshmallow into the butter/sugar mixture, making sure you coat all sides. Then place the marshmallow into the center of the crescent roll dough pulling all sides together and pinching them closed.

adding marshmallow to place in its tomb
5TH: Place in lightly greased baking pan or into lightly greased (Baking Pam works wonders for this) muffin pan. Bake for 10-12 minutes. I usually check them when they seem puffed and golden they are done.

The reasons behind doing this recipe is what we can teach our children in the process of making this delicious tasty sweet Easter Morning.

As we do, we talk about the Resurrection of our Savior Christ Jesus.
1st-taking sinless Jesus (marshmallow)
2nd-anointing Him in oils (butter) and incense (cinnamon)
Early Easter Morning, Both of us have bed head.. but best way to learn is hands on!
3rd- wrapping Him in the shroud (crescent roll)
4th-then placing Him in the tomb (oven).
Once they are baked the best surprise is in-store for kids is that when you open the Jesus has risen and the tombs are empty.

    We always make at least two batches and they go fast. It's so fun to see everyone open their "empty tombs" at the table. We have been doing this for years now with my oldest son who will be 10 this year and completely understands, but so much fun to see my youngest he's 4 now almost 5 he's starting to grasp the concept and understand why we continue to do this tradition. I look forward to this Easter morning once again.

   If you have not heard of this recipe before I hope you enjoy trying it with your family its a great learning tool and a delicious treat for the whole family!

Love Comments and Feed back please feel free to leave them below.
Be Blessed and Happy Easter to you all!

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