Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh my Goodness Finally!

 Dear Readers,

    Okay almost done organizing so I can get you more blog posts done.YEAH!!! I finally organized my Blog and will continue to do so. That way it will make it easier to navigate around my blog. I have so many new blogs to write, ones I've promised and fallen behind on and so much more.

  Oh here is the exciting part I've got all tabs going except my For Sale/Buy Now Tab going. I hope to have that up and going by this weekend. I will take special orders if needed and allotted time is there.

   Big News TOO many of you might know that I will be moving here in a few short months so while endeavor in this blog life is a bit hectic. This is your not normal move to a new house. I'm moving across country.. yes I said from one side to the other~! My husband's job offered him a new job back where I started from ohh 11yrs ago. Its so exciting to be moving home, but somewhat a challenge and a bit scarry when I start to rumble thoughts through my mind of all the things I need to do! So if anyone has some great BIG moving tips they'd like to share with me please do. Can really use the help. When I left that 11 years ago I was only 19 and only took what was important which was clothes, some personal items, my Rottweiler and my Iguana. LOL! Now I'm moving myself, 2 boys, and a lifetime of (well 11years) of stuff all the way home. Big difference!

So please take a look around at my page and please send me some feedback if you'd like in the comments!

Have a blessed day,