Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lazy or Calm Saturday

    Well today just feels like a Saturday that we need to just relax. I will try not to pick over the things I can't control in my life right now and just relax. The only real work I plan on doing today besides the normal stuff is doing my laundry. Else-wise I'm going to crochet some new washcloths and scrubbers. I may just watch T.V and crochet. I haven't had a day like this in sometime. There's always something going on lately.
    Does anyone else feel like we don't stop enough to breathe? Take in the moment? I feel like my life is in such a rush all the time. I've always got something going on or needing to get something done. I feel like I've got appointments, library days, errands, gatherings, extra activities with the kids and so on. It was a little easier to handle all of this when my husband was home and I could use him for back-up if my plate was a bit to full. But now he's has a career that takes him away from home for weeks at a time and we only see him for a few days in between. (I know single Mom's must feel like this quite often-but they often can say no, a bit easier then I can too. Being they have learned what they can and can't do in life. Don't get me wrong I feel for you single mom's out there, this is not how God design it to be) 
    I will continue to juggle tomorrow again-I guess... but until then I will relax, crochet and veg on T.V.!

Hope you all have a delightful Saturday too!