Thursday, April 11, 2013

Liebster Award

When I first got this I was like what?? COOL!!!

So Awesome to be nominated! How fun is this! It was such a honor to receive this from JustinaWho! So please check her out!


Liebsters are a way for blogs with less than 200 followers to connect with other bloggers, share a little more about yourself, and a way to help promote other small blogs. I love this concept because small blogs need a little lovin' too!

What's the rules, you ask?

So what are the rules you ask??

1) Post 11 Random Facts About Yourself

2)Answer 11 Questions From Your Nominator  

3)Nominate 11 Other Blogs With Under 200 Followers & Ask Them 11 Questions-No TAG BACKS!

4)Visit Their Blogs and Let Them Know They Won the Award  

So goes my 11 Random Facts:

1-I am going through the biggest test in my marriage right now, it will be a full 6 months before I see him again.
2-I love to share, even when I might not need to, or have it to spare... I still will give you all I have.
3-I sometimes wonder what if I did things different in life, even though I truly know I wouldn't change a thing I have now.
4-I am a work in progress and seem to be always in a state of under construction.
5-I'm a planner... I don't like to have things unstable.
6-I left home 12 years ago on a whim to travel the US and see where it would take me. So far I've seen 22 states & lived in 4.
7-I am a yarn & fabric hoarder. But I'm proud of it!
8-When I really get to laughing hard sometimes... I snort! :) 
9-I've had 3 back surgeries, several treatments of injections, & therapies, but still manage to get up every day and be a Mamma to my 2 wonderful boys.
10-I met my husband when I was only 15, dated for 9mos. Best friends for 4 yrs before we ran away together 12 yrs ago.
11-I stand strong in my beliefs, I rely on the Lord daily for my new mercies and grace.        

My Questions from Justina Who:

1. What is your go to beauty product that you use every day? 

Clarity from Melaleuca facial products

2. What is your dream job?

Was to be a pediatric nurse. Now to be the Mamma to my 2 boys and use the talents God has given me. 

3. Windows down or air conditioner in the car?

I would prefer them down. But living in AZ its nearly impossible to not have AC on.

4. Reality Tv or sitcoms?

Sitcoms all the way. Except maybe "The Voice" if you consider it reality tv.

5. Favorite band, group, or singer when you were a teenager?

oohh a hard one. I'd have to say pre-teen NKOTB but later I love the O.C. Supertones

6. What are your favorite blog posts to write about?

Right now Food and Life, I hope to have my for sale up soon.

7. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

This is so hard, I love to travel. Maybe Aruba, somewhere tropical at least.

8. Road trip or a quick flight?

Road trip all the way. I love adventures.. sometimes I feel like a nomad I've moved so many times. 

9. If you had to give up one, would you give up your cell phone or laptop?

Laptop.. I feel at a loss w/o my cell.

10. Where do you plan to vacation to this summer?

Back home, since in 12 weeks I'll be moving back there after 12 years away. Ohio bound we are. 

11. Favorite movie?

Notting Hill. Love it!

 Some Nifty Bloggers I Nominate Are:

1) Cathy @ 
11 Questions For You To Answer: 
 1- How long have you had your blog or website?
2- If you could choose anywhere to live besides where you reside, where and why?
3- What is your favorite way to pass time?
4- If you could star in a Movie or Musical what would it be?
5- What is your biggest pet-peeve?
6- Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive?
7- Where's your favorite place to vacation?
8- Who do you relate more to Marth Stewart or Rachael Ray?
9-What is your best joke you ever told or heard?
10- What do you wish you had more time for doing?
11- What is your cup full of: Tea, Coffee, or Soda?     

So there you have it ~ Glad to be a part of this and look forward to those I nominated coming back and linking their blogs up in my comments below.
 & to my followers go check out these blogs and follow them too.  
~Till Next Time~