Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shh...It's Sunday #7

Trying to Capture the full moon.

Shh...It's Sunday #7: (I've been doing these a couple weeks now and truly have enjoyed my readers feedback) So please leave comments below...wonder where that pic was taken, or what was going on.. or how did that happen please feel free to comment below!

Should of pulled over for a great view of it we had!
Do you see what it says on the top of the box.. really don't we know that already. This NOTICE stuff is going to far!

Point of this is to put all my photos I take in a week (or most of them) here because often they just stay in my phone.  Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words! So with that you might say what are they doing in that pic? or what is that? or how did he or we do that? Or what happened... this is where this post doesn't become too silent, I want your comments or feedback! I love sharing with you and I would love to know what you think?