Sunday, September 30, 2012

So How Have You Been?

     Writing you real quick before I head off to church. I thought this weekend was going to be easy p-easy.. not so much. We have been busy.

FRIDAY: Half day for my oldest son, so a lot of rambunctious actions from 2 boys home, this Mom ended up with a migraine. I hoped to grab time on here to work on my blog. SO much for that!

SATURDAY:  We had a lazy morning and a great afternoon. We had really nice play-date with friends at the park. Like I said in a previous post its finally nice enough to go out and play. So we hit a the grass. We played on every playground they had, slides, running, tag and climbing. Then to the fields with a Frisbee for a few minutes until it was lost in a tree, which was a comical act watching them try to climb a tree to get a it down. After we threw all we had at it : Us 0- Tree-1... we'll be getting another Frisbee soon at the store. With the little ones we kicked a soccer ball around and the big boys played catch with the football. Great day ended up to lots of hungry kiddos, so we picked up a pizza and called it a day. But coming home I didn't get on this computer until late late evening.

Sunday: The Day of Hope for many reasons. As my pastor says we are a vessel that has a leak and all week long we leak and by Sunday its time to fill up again. So off to Church to Get FILLED Up! I can't wait! Pastor always seems to have the Word my Heart needs! So hopefully when I get back I will have the two posts I've need to put up here and I get an opportunity to work on some of my Blog to make it navigate easier. I'm new at this, but I'm learning!

Well I've got to run.. need to get ready for Church... see you soon!