Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cute Pink Teddy Bear Hat!

     So this is a cute Pink Teddy Bear Beanie I made for a friend's little girl, just in time for her 7th Birthday! I loved making it! It was not done with a pattern just me using my creative side and wanting to make a little girl smile.  Her mom said she didn't take it off all day after she received it! That can only make my heart smile from the inside out! Also was a perfect gift because they are headed up north this week to colder weather so it will come in handy.
     I currently have this listed to win hopefully a great package from Red Heart yarns! I'm excited because I am doing pretty well with my votes but I would love to win. This is where you all could help. I would love for you to take a moment and go vote for me. Its on the Red Heart Facebook page which I will post the link below. Many have had an issue or two with being able to vote, so a heads up you must like the page and also allow tabsite application to track the voting process to make it fair. Once you do this you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and vote for me via this link!


Please go vote for me! I just need to get into the top 5 to win a prize package! Right now I'm in the top 9!

Thanks~ Corey

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick Chicken Tacos

Okay I apologize for the picture, it was the only thing that was left for me to take. My son devoured the left-overs!

So this is an easy way to prep chicken for taco's: serve it with your favorite toppings (suggestions of tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, etc) We had it with flour tortillas, Spanish rice, and re-fried beans.

On to the recipe: This was all put in the crock-pot on high for 2-4 hrs.

  • 1lb of Chicken- sliced thin(bought it that way for Fajitas) then roughly chopped into pieces.
  • 1Cup of Chicken Stock
  • 1tsp of Cumin 
  • 1tsp of Chopped Garlic (I keep a jar in the fridge because it gives a great strong flavor)
  • 1tsp of Onion Powder
  • 1tsp to 1Tbsp of Chili Powder (depends on how you like your spicy-ness)
  • 1tsp to 1Tbsp of Chipotle Pepper Powder (once again depends on how you like it) 
  • Dash of Salt (remember Chicken Stock can be salty-test the sauce first)     
     Put everything in crock-pot for the broth to cook it in and taste.. check the broth for the flavor you want. Then put all the meat into the Crock-pot and cook for 2-4 hrs on high. If you wanted it shredded Chicken cook on Low and pull apart with a fork. My kiddos are picky so chopped is better for our family.

     Once it is cooked thoroughly, strain and place in serving platter. Even though I threw this all together for a quick dinner a few nights ago.. my 9yr old who is the pickiest eater ever-was like and I quote  "Mom this is really GOOD!" &  like I said I was going to have more pictures for you but I didn't even get to have seconds myself. My son bounced on it for an after school snack!

**This recipe is for the use of your enjoyment, not for duplicating, posting on other blogs, articles, or professional content. Please Enjoy the Recipe for your Own Personal Use. All rights belong to myself.**

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