Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to my 10 Year Old!



Pleased with how his cake came out this year, his name is spelled out in candles!
Oh where have the years gone! Its hard to believe that I (we -including the husband) have a 10 year old. When I was pregnant with him it was a bit stressful. I was 3000 miles or more away from my relatives, we were living in California, who knew this was how I would have my first son. Although looking back it has made all the difference on raising him. God has allowed things to come into our lives to train us up in raising a son who is for the most part very responsible, loves the Lord and is a blessing to us and others around him.
Family Tradition of Birthday Balloons and a Donut!

I often hear praise reports from others on how he conducts himself around others. As a Momma its the best feeling in the world when someone comes back and says your not going to believe this! You would expect to have fear and trembling over those words, but not with him-thankfully they are praise reports of his character, his great attitude, and mostly his giving heart! 

He came into this world a very active little guy. I could tell this from carrying him in womb he always was moving, so much I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the last trimester even though the doctor's tell you to do so. He was active at birth screaming and roaring ready to take on life. I knew my life would never be the same after that. He's been one to chase after what he wants, and know he's always up for something new and any adventure ahead of him! He takes life as it comes to him now much easier then when he was littler. He tells me his dreams of working with animals someday. Maybe a Marine Biologist in my near future that I see in him. He loves Sea Turtles and all things of the ocean. Maybe it was appropriate God had us planted by the ocean at the time when he was born. Smelling of the ocean was good for his soul at that time, you see he was born in San Diego!
 Himself as a Statue

Since he was 2 we have lived in the desert, not exactly how I thought life would be for our family. Although while I didn't think we would be living here in Arizona, God has blessed us tremendously with a great friends and Church family. We have been able to raise our boys and grow closer together as family, also my walk with God! This has enabled me to grow a strong young man who loves the Lord with all his heart. As I look back he has given me such joy, laughter and thankfulness to be called his Mom!

One way this boy makes me laugh- A note that he was here after he had Breakfast one morning- His name spelled out in Fruit Loops! Always finding a way to make me smile!

Silly photo with his cake & friends!
I'm so exhausted but thankful to give my young man that he is such a great Birthday! This is the last year he and our family will be here in Tucson, so we went out with Rocking Birthday! We did laser tag, pizza, video games, go-carts & great friends/memories! He said this was the best Birthday ever! As a Momma-best words you can ever here! Love him so much!  Here's a few photos!
Enjoying his new Diamondbacks hat that Momma got him!
Silly friends and 1st present from his younger brother! LEGOS!

Thanks for joining me in our little life and another milestone we met! Thankful and Blessed!