Sunday, September 30, 2012

So How Have You Been?

     Writing you real quick before I head off to church. I thought this weekend was going to be easy p-easy.. not so much. We have been busy.

FRIDAY: Half day for my oldest son, so a lot of rambunctious actions from 2 boys home, this Mom ended up with a migraine. I hoped to grab time on here to work on my blog. SO much for that!

SATURDAY:  We had a lazy morning and a great afternoon. We had really nice play-date with friends at the park. Like I said in a previous post its finally nice enough to go out and play. So we hit a the grass. We played on every playground they had, slides, running, tag and climbing. Then to the fields with a Frisbee for a few minutes until it was lost in a tree, which was a comical act watching them try to climb a tree to get a it down. After we threw all we had at it : Us 0- Tree-1... we'll be getting another Frisbee soon at the store. With the little ones we kicked a soccer ball around and the big boys played catch with the football. Great day ended up to lots of hungry kiddos, so we picked up a pizza and called it a day. But coming home I didn't get on this computer until late late evening.

Sunday: The Day of Hope for many reasons. As my pastor says we are a vessel that has a leak and all week long we leak and by Sunday its time to fill up again. So off to Church to Get FILLED Up! I can't wait! Pastor always seems to have the Word my Heart needs! So hopefully when I get back I will have the two posts I've need to put up here and I get an opportunity to work on some of my Blog to make it navigate easier. I'm new at this, but I'm learning!

Well I've got to run.. need to get ready for Church... see you soon!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Morning Nicer Weather!

Loving It!
   Good Morning to you... what is keeping me from doing my household duties this morning you ask or working on my crocheting? Its the great weather were having in Arizona...  in the 80's at 8:30am... the Park was calling our name. Finally we can go without blistering sun beating down on us. I know for most you may be feeling a nip in the air of winter coming towards you and I'm totally wishing I had that too. I miss seasons living here in Arizona. We have tolerable heat, liveable heat, and don't go outside between 9a-7pm its not worth the exhaustion! Were are finally seeing the liveable heat and to that I say Amen! As you can see my son is loving it! (had to share these photos with you)

That grinning smile says it all

We can not get enough of it. I think were going  to make it to the park 2 to 3 times per week
now that the weather is more tolerable . We had fun just playing around, swinging, meeting a new little friend to play catch with and throwing the Frisbee around. Funny how the simple things can just be so fun and pleasing to the kiddos. When I got home (we had a quick grocery shop afterwards) and I was done unpacking. He ran up to me to give me hugs and thanking me for just stopping at the park. And also saying can we do again soon. Yes, Yes we will.

We were playing frisbee & enjoying the cool breeze

As to what I want to get going is a few projects. A blanket for the house and a blanket for a friend. Still working on my cute hat for a friend and side projects like crocheted wash clothes. Has anyone ever used them before? There something from the past almost! I have been making some for myself and I find myself tending to grab those from the stash of washcloths for the kitchen dishes vs. the regular cloths. I might just omit the other kind all together?

Here's to a good day of yarn in supply, some quality time with my needle and what will hopefully be a great day!(Has started that way so far) Excuse the Lego's in background, I have them on the floor at all times in this house.  It would be sad day in this house if I didn't get a aching foot by stepping on one. I'm sure there are mom's out there who can relate! But then again.. I wouldn't have any other way! Till next time have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Crock-Pot Stuffed Peppers

Crock-Pot Stuffed Peppers
By: Corey Pauley (You may use this recipe for your own personal use; in no way may you re-use for your own personal gain, Thank-You I am sharing because I love to help other Mom's for easy day meal.)

  • 4- Green Peppers or Red Peppers your choice or bit of both *tops carved and cleaned out
  • 1-Yellow Onion 1/2 for the sauce (chopped) & 1/2 for the stuffing of pepper (minced)
  • 1/2 - Green Pepper for sauce chopped ruffly 
  • 1-2 -Cloves of Garlic -pressed with the side for knife & chopped up.
  • *you can omit the next 5 ingredients if you are not making your own sauce & use your store bought sauce*
  • 1- can of Chopped Tomatoes
  • 1- can of Chopped Tomatoes Italian Style
  • 1- small can of Tomato Sauce
  • 1- small can of Tomato Paste
  • 2-3 Tbsp of Olive Oil
  • 1- bag of ready-boil rice *I'm terrible at making rice-so these instant cook bags work so well
  • 1lb - of lean Hamburger
  • 1/3-1/2 cup of Italian Style Bread crumbs
  • On a guess because I've made this recipe so many times the following are 1tsp to 1 &1/2 tsp of garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, salt, parsley, Italian seasoning. (which you will do twice in this recipe if you are making your own sauce.)

Prepped Bell Peppers
So from the beginning Prep your peppers by removing the tops and the inside webbing/ seeds. (see my pic)  Then begin to prep for your sauce, & filling.

Saute the mixture
  Have a pot on the stove for your sauce and a mixing bowl for your meat filling. Chop green peppers, onion, and, garlic as written above. Place pot on medium heat with olive oil into that pan, then place chopped green peppers, onions, and garlic into the pan and saute them till tender.(Skip this step of sauteing these 3 ingredients if you are using store bought sauce) Place the other onions into the mixing bowl.

instant rice-easier for me
Boil rice (if your good at it you'll need about a cup of rice and cook according to package) package that is the easy kind. Just follow instructions on the package, but cook just a few minutes less for allowing it to cook in the bell peppers in the crock pot. Just makes it a bit simpler also when its earlier in the morning.

crock-pot ready & rice cooling to make mix
Once Rice is cool enough to take out of package poor into the mixing bowl  and get your crock-pot ready. My well love crock-pot in this pic is nicely a size-able pot. So I chose the 4 qt pot to use this time for the recipe. Once rice is cooled get ready to make your mixture. Turn Crock-pot onto warm/low.

sauce simmering
Now this a part you may skip if you don't like making your own sauce. I've been doing it since I was young so it doesn't bother me. At this point it is where you add the canned tomatoes, tomato paste, & tomato sauce. Add seasonings I listed above and taste. Add more if needed. To cut acid in your sauce you can add a tsp of baking soda if you need to. Bring this to a simmer while you do the next step.

Pepper Filling
 Now to the bell pepper filling you will mix this by hand. You will add the next items to the mixing bowl. Hamburger, Seasonings listed above, Italian style bread crumbs, and a bit of the sauce you are using. Enough to combine that its wet but not soupy. Now your ready to stuff. This should be the amount good for 4 peppers. Fill peppers up to the top but don't apply to much pressure to split the pepper.

Stuffed Peppers
Now were ready for the Crock-Pot, put a little sauce in bottom to prevent burning, place all 4 peppers standing upward. Now time to bathe them in the sauce. Pour sauce over peppers to, put the lid on, and whoo hoo you are now cooking! Cook on Low for 6-8 hours. You could shorten time by starting on Low for 4 hours and 2 hours on High = 6 hours.

Poke with a fork to make sure peppers are soft and just almost melting and you are done!

Looking Yummy Already!

So I hope this recipe is a great dinner for you and yours . It is one of my favorite comfort foods. I have found them so yummy, but I hated waiting over an oven for them. I'm a busy Mom who home-schools my pre-K son and I have a very active older son who I have to drive back and forth to school. Not to mention my regular duties in the household... I could go on and on.. But I hope you enjoy the recipe. Below is the picture of the finished meal. In our family it is traditionally served with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans.

Hope this tantalizes your taste-buds and starts you off into a nice home cooked meal that warms the heart and tummy! I've got lots in the works keep an eye on my Blog for new things to come!
~ Corey

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cutie-Pie and her new Beanie to keep her warm

     A friend of mine has a little baby girl and was in need of hats to keep her warm as fall approaches into winter in Ohio. I was excited to make them, as I only have boys and so crocheting little hats for girls or anything girl-y was a bit out of reach for me. I so couldn't turn down this chance.. so I went for it. I sent them off a few days ago this is the one that will fit now and she has one that is for when she grows a bit more. Which we all know happens so fast. So she sent me adorable pictures of her wearing one of the hats that she had received. It was a joy to see these photos! I thought I'd share them with you.

So giggling and such a cutie-pie in her little beanie. (Left Photo) Its a marble purple yarn and has a cute flower on it layered with light pink yarn and the same yarn the hat is made with.  I think it turned out great!
The second picture is a bit clearer and her big sis is posing with her! Love it!

    Can't wait to make some more for my friends with little girls. Right now I am working on a hat that is bright pink made to look like a Pink Teddy Bear. Will upload pics once the project is finished.

    Hope you all have a lovely day. Tomorrow I will post my recipe for my Stuffed Bell Peppers - Crock-pot Style. Its what's for dinner tonight!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lazy or Calm Saturday

    Well today just feels like a Saturday that we need to just relax. I will try not to pick over the things I can't control in my life right now and just relax. The only real work I plan on doing today besides the normal stuff is doing my laundry. Else-wise I'm going to crochet some new washcloths and scrubbers. I may just watch T.V and crochet. I haven't had a day like this in sometime. There's always something going on lately.
    Does anyone else feel like we don't stop enough to breathe? Take in the moment? I feel like my life is in such a rush all the time. I've always got something going on or needing to get something done. I feel like I've got appointments, library days, errands, gatherings, extra activities with the kids and so on. It was a little easier to handle all of this when my husband was home and I could use him for back-up if my plate was a bit to full. But now he's has a career that takes him away from home for weeks at a time and we only see him for a few days in between. (I know single Mom's must feel like this quite often-but they often can say no, a bit easier then I can too. Being they have learned what they can and can't do in life. Don't get me wrong I feel for you single mom's out there, this is not how God design it to be) 
    I will continue to juggle tomorrow again-I guess... but until then I will relax, crochet and veg on T.V.!

Hope you all have a delightful Saturday too!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whew What A Whirlwind!

     Whew is right! Its been awhile since my last blog has been written, but I do apologize. I have been caught up in what I call  a whirlwind moment. Its where you were on Saturday and the days begin to blur together, then before you know its almost Friday! Gee-sh time is just flying through. To say the least this has been one busy week. When I last wrote I was sharing with you that it was my anniversary. I hope you enjoyed the post... I thought that day I wouldn't see my husband even though your supposed to - being its your special day. But I'm starting to become accustom to our new life style. He has taken a position as an Over The Road Truck Driver and is gone for weeks at a time now. So definitely didn't think I'd have that opportunity to see him. But I have to say God is Good with his timing. My husband, shortly after I wrote that previous post, called me and said his truck was broken down. (I'd normally be upset because this cost us a lot) He had said some great words... he was only an hour away from us. So I grabbed the kids and we took the Hour drive up there to see him and have dinner as a family at least. (we were ceasing the moment we might not seem him for another 4 weeks) Well then we got word that they wouldn't be getting his truck fixed until Monday so I got to bring him home Saturday evening till Monday morning. At least that was a blessing.
      So here goes Monday - Tuesday- Wednesday and now here's its Thursday. I've had my oldest son develop a sinus infection (dr appt insert here)on Monday, my Dr's appt on Tuesday (I suffer with Chronic Pain due to a pinched Sciatica Nerve and 3 back surgeries), Wed was a overwhelmed blur and Today is Thursday... which I have to take my oldest son back to the Dr's again because its getting worse even on antibiotics. Today though I feel like I will finally get to accomplish some on my to do list. Just Maybe!  Ugg..  But to get you to the picture above is something I want to share with you. Amongst all this roller-coaster I call my life, I was able to crochet these 4-8"squares with left over yarns I had. You may be asking why?
     I love that a group I belong to on Facebook had joined together as a great group and we make what we call Comfort-ghans. Details: When we find someone in need of comfort while they are going through something difficult we all bind (crochet or knit) together 8" Squares. They get sent off to one person in the group who is willing to put them all together as an Afghan. (or Comfort-ghan as we call it). It awesome to know my little contribution mailed off today will help give so much comfort to someone who is in need. This one will go to a very young girl who is just a teenager facing a very grown-up life changing cancer. So I pray that this will help her feel comfort and heal faster.

I wish you all well ~ Corey

P.S. as soon as I can get pictures taken and uploaded I will share what I have for sale.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

We Had A Connection

      I met young man when I was 14 (almost 15 at the time), he was 2 years older me; which my parents showed concern for. We had supervised dates or times we spent together. We only then dated for 9 months-but "We Had A Connection" he was my first real love. Many may of thought that it was puppy love at that time but so many never knew the connection we had. (including my mother-in-law/parents) We didn't talk for 3 months after our break-up, but after getting over the shock - we couldn't not "not talk" anymore! We had a connection. We then would see each other at school and I was close friends with his sister, so if I ever went over there we would have to see each other. Soon due to my family dynamics we no longer went to the same school and didn't live in the same city/town. We still yet stayed in contact with each other, it soon was two years later I had a car (so did he) and a job, we would somehow managed see each other, even though I dated some other guys. It didn't matter we had connection! He one time knew my boyfriend had dumped me right before Valentine's Day (the nerve right?), but he made it oh so much better. I heard a knock on my door, when answered there he stood with a dozen of the most beautiful roses and a Valentine's Bear. Now he didn't have to do this he lived cities away let alone in another county, but he did. We had a Connection... I couldn't explain it then but I knew.

    He was now 18 and was graduating. His Step-Father was a Marine and a Marine recruiter at that, so you know what came next right? Well your about half right. He did go into the Marines. He left (I was more heart broken then I thought I would of been.), I was not sure what our friendship or our connection would hold for the future. He was in Boot-camp and I still had to graduate high-school. I knew there had to be more...he wasn't just going to go on without me. One day I got a phone call, I was shocked to hear the voice on the other end. This was a phone call I wanted, but it was too early. It was only the only the 9 week mark of 13 weeks in the military Marines boot-camp. I was scared... he told me it was over (sadden this was his dream), he had emergency surgery for what they thought was his appendix bursting to find out it was something else. After surgery he was no longer a Marine he was discharged. I knew this was a huge blow. I knew he was depressed this was his goal in life, he had came from a long line of Marines in his family. What next? and Why?were my questions, but I knew those wouldn't help me or him by asking. He eventually would come home to Ohio we had a few visits and still knew he was my closest friend. Once again we had life interruption & again the military was moving them to North Carolina. We are now long distance again. Sadden I kept on but could not get over our connection. We Had A Connection... it wasn't going to disappear would it?

    We kept in contact through long distance-before long distance was free. I would buy cards and so would he. He was working in NC, but had no real plan, I knew living on a Marine base this must of been hard being he wasn't one. I too was soon graduating from high-school. I knew where I wasn't happy but I had to push forward. I graduated at age 17 & got my first place by my 18th birthday. I was making it. Which was part of my dream, I wanted to be independent more then anything. I had a job in my career field and was on my own. Was dating the time but those guys didn't fill the void. I missed him. He had yet moved again he was in Alabama now. His mother was getting a divorce and he went with her to be near a friend of hers. He was working, but he wasn't content either. I know he dated a few girls but they didn't last. I knew we both felt way because we had a connection.
   One day he called me and said I'm coming back to Ohio. I said why? He knew I was living with my boyfriend and was living what I thought was my life. His answered said so much more then I could ever understand at that moment. He said: because your there and you are what made me happy once.
He came back and he actually slept on my couch. I didn't know then, but it changed everything. I was able to keep my heart a bay when he was away or not so close. But waking up and seeing him or going to bed and saying goodnight, or little conversations would be what I missed or need the most.
   It wasn't long before I noticed I was settling with my current boyfriend. I was giving much more then I was receiving. My current relationship also having difficulties due to his lies. At that point I broke it off and didn't look back. My connection was back, he had my heart again ... just didn't know it yet. We left and lived with family for a few weeks and we took off. I quit my job and packed all we could fit in his car. I wanted to see the US and we took it- life that is by the horns. We lived together, our love grew, we lived in 2 different states (ID & CA), we had our first son and.....

   9 years ago today I did not have the wedding of my dreams, I did not get all dolled up in a white dress (although I had a pretty skirt on), I didn't have all my family around -just a few... BUT we did make the best decision we could and would ever. I married my best friend.
           We Had A Connection & We Still Have A Connection, it is called Love! True Love

Friday, September 14, 2012

Here We Go!

This is me, Corey. I am a stay at home Mother & Homemaker to my wonderful Husband and 2 boys. (9yrs & 4yrs) They keep me going pretty full-time. I believe in making a home where my kids and husband feel comfortable and oh so loved. So when I'm not so busy - I love Craft, Sew, and Crochet. On here I will share some stories of my life, my likes, my crafting and what I have for you to purchase. I love to do these things but in order for me to continue I must sell some of my creations to make more. I'm looking forward to making new friends and great connections.
   Thanks and Here we go ~ Corey