Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where Have I Been??

Hello to you all:
    I feel like I've been ignoring this blog and my followers a bit lately and I apologize, my health has been getting a bit in the way. Most may not know I have had 3 back surgeries yes 3 which has become debilitating enough already as it is. I have a disc that collapsed on me a few years ago at my L-5/S-1 disc. The 1st surgery was to try and repair the disc and clean up the bone spurs that were effecting me. I felt great for about 2 weeks post-operative and then the disc collapsed completely. Then under the care of a spinal surgeon he did the 2nd surgery to replace the disc with what is called a cage and place bone chips in the middle of it. Secondly to put a titanium plate on the front side (yes through the front) to hold it all in there and in place. I had a hiccup to say in the matter of placing this plate in place because my artery (blood supply) was too large to put the regular plate in place. It would of cause other serious problems and blood clots would be a sure risk. Instead they put somewhat of a triangular plate on that has 2 pins in the S-1 vertebra and it hooks over the L-5 vertebra. If this all seems confusing to you believe me its not easy either to live with. The plate from what I can feel inside shifts and I still get a popping sound in my spine. It also still has the sciatica nerve pinched. Which was the problem in the first place. So as you can see it is very frustrating to have gone into the 2 previous surgeries in hope that the pinched nerve would of been taken care of and to have it still a problem. Which leads me to what was supposed to be a minimal 3rd surgery which wasn't. I came out of surgery in a lot of pain and to have a decent size of an incision on my back with staples. Looked like something out of horror movie. I have pictures but I won't share I promise. The doctor after surgery said I had a cyst on my nerve and that there was damage to the nerve, but he couldn't be sure how bad it was. I've not been the same since that surgery and I'm not now.
     I now live as a Mom, but disabled due to the condition. I have been on medication for a while deal with the pain. I will have to therapy and pain management. I've seen a neurologist but after many x-rays, MRI's with and without contrast, and CT Scan. They agree my spine has not fused but also agree that there's nothing medically they can do for me. My Spinal Orthopedic Doctor who has done the previous surgeries says that they think it would be good for me to have another surgery but I don't see that happening in my near future. 3 has been enough for me and unless they have a miracle and 100% guarantee I won't be having another.

    Its hard living this manner, as a Mom I want to succeed and provide the best, but find many days where I don't feel like I've done enough or completed all my goals. I would like to work, but this prevents me from sitting & standing too long, and lifting is not anything I can really do. So its frustrating to be in this state.

    I am thankful for a husband who understands and is willing to work hard for our family. I do crafts, crocheting, blogging, and other odds & ends while I can...and stop when it becomes too much. I try to remain positive and keep my thoughts on my God because he is my strength when I have none and push on.

So with that out of the way-I am going to try and make this year a great year! We have made some new decisions for family this year. And I want this year as some may of heard be a year of finishing things and/or keeping up with things. I have goals of completing projects in crafts I've started, crocheting, sewing, scrap-booking, and much much more!

So Look Out for MANY Blogs to come!
~ Corey

1st Completed Crocheting project completed of 2013!! Here's to a Great Start!!!!