Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Best Father's Day Ever When...

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Father's Day is Going to be the Best day when:

In our family its going to be a very special day being I haven't seen my husband and neither have his son's for almost 6 months. In the end of December my husband had to take a new job position but that would lead him over to being reassigned to a new state. We now have the mileage down to a science: 2,081 miles is the shortest distance between him & us. In this time it has been pretty challenging to my boys and myself. I became a single Mom overnight and they had to deal with it being emotional roller-coaster for them. There have been many days and nights of questions and answers that I couldn't always have the perfect way to give them either, but with God we have pulled it through.

This is the Last Picture that was taken with boys & their Dad before he left.


As a father my husband has always been an involved daddy to my boys, for that I couldn't be more ecstatic coming from a family where my dad wasn't always there. He too had issues with his father growing up, so I think he vowed in his mind to always be there for his kids. With this new job assignment it has been really difficult because he has to try and stay connected to his kids through phone calls and pictures. For us its been hard because I'm used to having a partner who was willing to pick up the pieces I was missing or handle some things so I could handle another. It definitely has been a trial on our marriage and testimony in the long run to our boys that Love can Concur All Things!

So with being said I am flying my husband in the day before Father's day this year, to come home not only to visit but to reunite with each other permanently.

I will have the house packed up and off on a moving truck come the 14th, so their won't be much to come home too. But that's not important! What is that we will be reunited and will be taking a new journey ahead of us. We will celebrate Father's Day with the day at church, a day maybe filled with a hike or picnic... can't decide.The kids will have homemade gifts and cards for dad and as always we will make it fun filled day. It really does depends on the heat, after all Arizona is hot this time of year. Although he might just want to eat all the Mexican food he can get since he's been out of it so long.  :) He has me buying up my Mexican seasonings so I can truly make traditional Mexican food when we move. It will be a bit bittersweet saying goodbye to his Mother, Sister and our church family, but we know God has great things in-store for us.

The day itself will be significant that our family will be reunited again once & for all. We will start a driving journey across country and get to see a few more states. Best part is doing it together. You don't know what you have until its gone for 6months and then you know how truly blessed you are in your marriage and family.


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