Monday, April 29, 2013

My Go To Breakfast

So What's For Breakfast????

I ask myself this question around 9am every morning! Anyone else have this problem?

I know bad.. should of eaten by now. I can truly say since I was a pre-teen probably younger if you ask my Mother, I'm not a breakfast person. Don't take my coffee away from me or be aware of the monster that lies within me! But Breakfast..eehh no biggie. 

I can hear the echoing in my ears now of every healthy person out there screaming NOOOO! or is that what I've heard every nutritionist say. DON'T skip breakfast its the most important meal of the day. This all may be true, but my stomach can't handle anything too early in the morning, hence many mornings of not eating before school. I thought this would change as I got older... or so i thought. I still can't really eat breakfast before 8:30am. It proposed a problem at work, because I'd find myself starving at break time. Now that the past 4 yrs staying at home I have more leisure to when I eat, but I still have to force myself to eat it day after day. 

Anyone else have this problem? or is just me?

Since I know I have to be grown up about this, I have decided to make the best of what I can if I have to force my hand to eat my BREAKFAST. I try not to be good and do it by 10am. Not sure if that's too late, but I guess its better late then never. 

So here is my Go TO BREAKFAST!!

So here it is!

  • about a 1 cup of  Greek Yogurt
  • Fresh Fruit- today happen to be 5 sliced up organic strawberries(trying to switch to organic until I can grow my own back in Ohio rich soil!). I also have done blueberries well almost any berries. I have two mango's ripening in the fridge might cut one up tomorrow.
  • Granola- I go to my local farmer's market store and get what tickles my taste buds so many varieties I love it. Today its Vanilla Granola with sliced almonds in it.
I'm no dietician, but I think on scale of stopping by Mickey D's or This... I'm gonna have to thing this wins. As a Mom of 2 busy boys and my health issues, I think this is winning at breakfast!
What do you think? 
Do you have a favorite but simple Breakfast? (please leave me a comment below)
Okay Until Next Time~ Corey