Friday, May 10, 2013

Spinal Injections Oh How I love them....

Spinal Injections How I love them - not!

Sorry I haven't written to much lately, don't loose faith.. I've just pushing myself a bit to get things done when I can.

  Tuesday I had 4 spinal injections, this is my 3rd set and I have a 4th set scheduled in 4 weeks before I move. Oh yea did I mention I'm trying to pack too while I'm at it.

Thing have been so busy lately, but I have to start seizing the moments when I can. I have so much packing to do, I've got the moving company scheduled, but having the hardest time finding a rental property in my local area where I need to move to. Their time frame for rental season is off by a month then our is here in Arizona. We get out of school in May as where they get out in June. This tends to be a time when people let rentals go and move. We need one for the 1st so that I can tell the moving company where they're going to drop off. Praying that it is laid before us soon.

The spinal injections set me back days sometimes and I don't feel like I accomplish much in those following days. I don't always get the dishes done and I don't get things around the house done. Even the day of I can't cook. These are the days I wish I had family around to help or my husband. Which I guess will be good when I get back home to Ohio. At least I can call on family for help and have my husband most weekends home.

I did manage to complete 2 task yesterday even though it required me to sit at my desk for a bit.

1- I got my boys enrolled and registered in their new school in Ohio. 

Heartland Christian School 

2- I got my husband his plane ticket scheduled for coming home to drive us out to Ohio, we were waiting on his boss to approve the time off. (Thankfully he gave him a week, when he was only thinking he get 4 days)

The great thing of this is that we will be able to take our time a little bit to say our goodbyes before we leave and spend sometime stopping along the way. Their might be a slight chance to see an old friend of his in Alabama & sit my bum in the sand at the gulf! Oh how I could use a mini vacation in the middle of this chaos of a move! Seriously by the time my husband comes back it will be 6 months since our family has been separated. It will be good to be whole again.

Even in the midst of our chaos.. I get to accompany my son's school on his field trip an its to something that has been on my bucket list to do! This will make a great next blog, as long as I'm allowed to take pictures. His class is going to the Biosphere 2! 

Info can be found here:

I'm truly looking forward to this and seeing it with the kids perspective too. I hope I can take lots of pictures for my own good and to share with you too.

Sneek peeks from their site on FB:

Till Next Time~ Corey