Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh the Joy (healthy) of a Pot of Beans!

Dear Readers,

     I apologize to you, I said 2 days ago that I would have promised pictures of my YUMMY Ham-Bone Soup to give the results the next day. Well life got in the way of posting a blog yesterday. I think I'm trying to fight off something. More and likely a sinus thing because I have irritated throat and a slight ear ache. Of course it left me restless in my sleep the night before, so I curled up in bed with my 4 yr old watching old school Scooby Doo Shows (love that he loves old school cartoons, it make for happy T.V. time) and playing with his Lego's at the end of my bed. Such a great little boy who doesn't mind letting his Mamma rest.

     Onto the Beans and thank-you for your patience! So lets see this is where I left you with the beans:

So here above is that meaty ham-bone in the pot of beans with the beans simmering. 

In the picture below is what the bones will look like once that ham-bone has done its job:

Then now comes the start of what is so good... The pot of beans with the goodness of ham left in it. See picture below, warning it looks yummy!

Now at this point I have crocheted a bit,  rested a bit.. good thing I was able to. Oh and got some chores that I put off done. I love that feeling when you have dinner cooking in a crock-pot it frees up your afternoon/evening of prepping and doing all the necessary juggling to get dinner done on time. I love when my crock-pot does the work for me.

So here is the anticipated photo of my lovely dinner, served on the fresh drop biscuits with local honey!
Oh... I'm drooling just looking over that bowl. I have leftovers I might of froze, but on this cool day it sounds like its calling me for lunch today!

Hope you enjoyed and please I LOVE COMMENTS, so please post below questions, if you made some of your own, or if you just love the idea of a healthy meal for the New Year!

Till I post again
~ Corey